We are pleased to inform you that the PROCULTHER website is now updated with the news item entitled “Geographic Information Systems at the Service of Prevention and Emergency Planning for Securing the Cultural Heritage at Risk of Disaster”, a valuable contribution by Pierluigi Cara and Cosmo Mercuri, experts from the DPC Cultural Heritage Group working on PROCULTHER implementation.

The post highlights the fruitful collaboration between PROCULTHER and the EU-funded project Cultural HEritagE Risks and Securing activities – CHEERS during the virtual seminar “Hazard maps and geo-cataloguing of cultural heritage: advantages and limitations for Emergency Planning”,  where our two colleagues from DPC met with other experts in the fields of risk map production, cataloguing and mapping of cultural heritage and emergency planning to point out strengths and weaknesses in the integrated use of existing datasets.

The news item is available through https://www.proculther.eu/geographic-information-systems-at-the-service-of-prevention-and-emergency-planning-for-securing-the-cultural-heritage-at-risk; as usual feel free to share it among your potential interested contacts. 

Hoping that the information is of interest to you, we would be grateful if, as usual, you could share the news among your potentially interested contacts.

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